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What’s Under the Lid… Packing Lunches


Tired of tuna?  Sick of sandwiches?  Cowering at the thought of another cafeteria lunch?

You’re more than halfway through the school year, and your lunch box’s contents are boring you to tears.  Each and every trip to your grocery store is a painful reminder of your lack of culinary creativity and your taste buds’ fight against extreme ennui.   Here are a few suggestions and substitutions that are sure to “soup” up your packed lunches.

Most of these suggested lunches are vegetarian, low-fat, and great for those of us trying to shed the box of chocolates and holiday goodies that your kiddos brought by the bucketful.

Breakfast for Lunch
Frozen waffles, bananas, and peanut butter
Microwave-poached eggs (put a little bit of water into a microwave safe dish, a dash of salt, a pinch of pepper and voila!) and an English muffin
Yogurt and Fruit Parfaits
Kefir- packed with protein and probiotics!

Go Greek Once a Week
Pita bread and hummus
Tabouleh Salad of parsley and couscous
Tzatziki and veggies to dip

Winter Soups
Kale and white bean soup
Butternut Squash soup
Chicken and Dumplin’s

Cheat ‘N’ Eat
Rotisserie Chicken- pick up a pre-cooked bird and you’re good to go for soups, salads, and sandwiches

Soto Ayam Soup
Chicken Caesar Salad Topping
Barbeque Sandwich

Raw Food Day
Sprouted seeds, veggies, unroasted nuts (not cashews)
Salads for a week
Fresh Juices

Bring seltzer instead of soda
Try to find Yerba Mate at your local bodega… packed with natural energy enhancers
Or try making your own Italian sodas


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